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Loredana' is a collection of heart-stopping songs filled with music of enormous delicacy, subtlety and imagination. ****JAZZWISE

'Loredana' Babel Label (2019)

‘Loredana’ explores the adversity and the wilderness of the term mother, celebrating the infinite observations about the ‘mother – child relationship’, and how this can shape us throughout our lives. Initially inspired through four specific questions that Emilia asked her audience about their relationship to their mothers, her boundary pushing and original music crosses borders between Scandinavian folk, jazz and art.pop. The new album features guitarist Luca Boscagin, percussionist Adriano Adewale, trumpeter Fulvio Sigurta and bassist Sam Lasserson. 

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…”Martensson invest every sound with a skimming, rapturous lightness and clarity”… JF, The Guardian

Dedicated to her grandparents and named after Emilia’s Slovenian grandmother’s Ana-Emilia, Mårtensson continues to blur the lines between Jazz/Folk and Alt- Pop through her own compositions as well as collaborations with some of Emilia's favourite composers from the London music scene, such as 'The Magic Lantern'. Personal interpretations of tracks by Paul Simon and Joe Henderson also feature as well as some beautifully arranged Swedish Folksongs. This album demonstrates Emilia’s constant evolution as both a songwriter and performer, retaining tender poignant tones with powerful observations of human nature through her lyrics. The album features Barry Green, (piano), Adriano Adewale, (pcs), Sam Lasserson, (bass) and The Fable String Quartet.

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“…Another delighted feature is the pearly innocence of Martensson’s voice and pianist Barry Green’s understated warmth.”

-The Daily Telegraph

The album is a project between Emilia and pianist Barry Green, which documents the duo’s shared love of a wide range of material, presenting fresh and exciting arrangements of a superb choice of songs.  Drawing on the wistful folk songs of Emilia’s homeland alongside some of the greatest songs of the last century, the recording is a finely poised blend of Jazz, Folk and artful Alternative Pop. The album was listed as one of the top ten best albums in 2012 by JazzWise.

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(Two Rivers Records-2016)

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Elda trio is a project comprised of Swedish award winning vocalist, Emilia Mårtensson, Slovenian accordion player and multi instrumentalist Janez Dovč and Brazilian percussionist and composer, Adriano Adewale.


Their debut album ‘ELDA’, is celebrating the beauty and importance of exploring and merging cultures and sharing stories that are universally relatable.


All three musicians of Elda Trio are virtuosos in their own right and they have all found an original voice on their respective instruments. Their technique, the emotion and the depth of their musicianship are of a very high level. The element of improvisation is a fundamental aspect of Elda Trio’s music. 



2009-Kairos Moments-Kairos 4tet (Kairos Records,UK)

2011-Statement of Intent-Kairos 4tet, (Edition Records,UK)

2012-And so it goes...(Babel Label, UK)

2013-Everything we hold-Kairos 4tet, (Edition Records,UK)

2013-Fringe Magnetic-Clocca

2013-Towards the centre of everything (Whirlwind records, UK)

2013-A Thousand Times-EMBLA (self release)

2014-Ana (Babel Label, UK)

2015- Teleport- EMBLA (self release)

2016-Elda-Elda Trio (Two Rivers Records, UK)

2016-We Drift Meridian-Monocled Man

2019- Loredana (Babel Label, UK)