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"The Elda Trio are a true representation of the potential of world music, it is also true to say the Elda Trio have a unique sound which I haven’t heard anywhere else"

Jazz London radio Review – Fini Bearman and Elda Trio at Union Chapel, November 2016


"THE VOICE that launched... well, a whole new expression of jazz unveils her eponymous debut recording with Slovenian accordionist/vocalist Janez Dovč and Brazilian-born percussionist/vocalist Adriano Adewale – ELDA trio."
AP Reviews. Read whole review online.


"It’s the kind of music that gets every sense involved, leaving you with a stupid grin on your face and bringing goosebumps with every climax, which are both inevitably and organically built up to in each song but also somehow catch you by surprise."
London Jazz News. Read whole review online.


" album that merges their three distinctive cultures into something strikingly original."

Songlines. Read whole review.

























Read whole review online. Manu Mateos, October 2016.


"Their pooled talents have produced an album abundant in flavour."
Read whole review online.


Read whole review online. Barbara Hoppe, October 2016.



Read whole review. Lira, 2016.


Read whole review online. Aleš Podbrežnik, 2017.


"Trio of excellent musicians and musicianship."

Read whole review. DELO, 2017


Album of the week

Read whole review. DELO, 2016



Read whole review. Mladina, 2016

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